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Advice & Support

To make your journey easier and help you to make the best decision possible for a loved one.

Finding the right home for your loved one can be complex and difficult. Cornerstone Healthcare is here to support you all the way, therefore, we collected simple and impartial information about frequently asked questions so finding the right specialist care with the right conditions would be easier for you.

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Life at Cornerstone

Cornerstone Healthcare, Kitnocks House and South Africa Lodge, careers Botley Waterlooville Hampshire mental health specialist

Environment & Safety...

Outside Fresh air and the provision of safe external space is an important feature of all of our homes. A large internal courtyard with seating is accessible to all residents and is used ...

Cornerstone Healthcare, Kitnocks House and South Africa Lodge, careers Botley Waterlooville Hampshire mental health specialist

Care and Services...

Cornerstone Healthcare takes pride in being ‘specialists’ in Special Care. We define specialist care as looking after residents with complex mental and physical health problems. We care for...

Cornerstone Healthcare, Kitnocks House and South Africa Lodge, careers Botley Waterlooville Hampshire mental health specialist

Food and Nutrition...

Dining experience Enjoying food and the overall dining experience is important to many people. Our experienced chefs use the best ingredients when creating our delicious homemade meals an...

Cornerstone Healthcare, Kitnocks House and South Africa Lodge, careers Botley Waterlooville Hampshire mental health specialist

Ambience and Activities...

Having recently been refurbished to a high standard, both homes offer a blend of dementia friendly design with a homely feel. The majority of the buildings are single storey. The homes are divided ...

Kitnocks House Booklet

For detailed information on our Kitnocks House home, please click to read more below.


Kitnocks House Booklet

South Africa Lodge Booklet

For detailed information on our South Africa Lodge home, please click to read more below.


South Africa Lodge Booklet

Information about funding

Please read our information about funding or make an appointment with our Manager and she will be happy to answer all of your questions.


Information about funding


  • We are ‘specialists’ in Special Care – we don’t do anything else. We define specialist care as looking after residents with complex mental and physical health problems.
  • We pay our staff well and we value them, which in turn means that we have been able to develop an excellent staff team who are well trained and really care for our residents.
  • Our staff numbers are roughly twice that of a standard care home allowing us to provide high levels of care for residents with complex needs.
  • We have excellent facilities which are almost all purpose built with extra space and fantastic gardens.
  • We have developed and maintain robust compliance and governance structures to ensure that we’re continually improving.
  • We are very proud of our reputation and the service that we provide.



Naturally this is subject to availability of rooms in the lodge where you will be happiest. The final decision (hopefully made with you and your family) will sit with the local health or care commissioner. If you decide that you would like to live at South Africa Lodge we will do everything that we can to make the move an easy one.

We encourage new residents to bring favourite small items of furniture and personal keepsakes that allow them to personalise their rooms.

If you have more furniture than your room can cope with we are happy to arrange storage that you can easily access.

Our doors are always open to visitors and you are welcome to pop in to see us. We recommend making an appointment with the home manager first before you visit.

We hold regular group meetings with the relatives of our residents to listen to feedback and to discuss ways of improving the service.

If you have a specific question or would like advice, the best people to contact in each home are the Manager or the Matron. The easiest way to get through to these people is to ring the landline number and ask for either the Matron or the Manager.

The vast majority of our residents are funded (their fees are paid) by the NHS via their local CCG. If your relative is not funded by their local CCG but you feel that they made by entitled to this because they have complex needs, then by all means give us to call to discuss.

In general, residents are referred to us by ‘Care Managers’ who work for either the NHS or Social Services. We then assess the person in question and, if we feel that we can meet their needs appropriately, we offer a place. The Care Manager will then seek funding approval for the placement from the relevant CCG (Clinical Commissioning Group) or from Social Services. Once funding is approved, the resident is able to move in.

We have a number of privately funded residents, but these are rare compared to the number of NHS funded residents as, most often, our residents will qualify for NHS funding (which is not means tested) through the ‘Continuing Health Care’ team in the local CCG.

Standard fees cover individual core care, accommodation and hotel services. We have invested in creating a homely environment following guidance around specialist dementia design. We have recruited and developed a professional, dedicated and friendly staff team. We have created a relaxed and comfortable environments that residents can call home. Home and room maintenance, laundry and cleaning are all taken care of. We run a full range of activities and entertainments and we prepare home-cooked food based on your choices and dietary needs.

Typically accommodation fees are paid by the NHS or local authority or a combination of both depending on the specific needs of the resident. Funded nursing care can be available for local authority residents as well as residents’ own contributions.

We provide hairdressing and chiropody, to give two example of private expenditure. The costs of these are not included in the accommodation fees above and are usually invoiced by the home quarterly in arrears.

Choosing a Nursing Home for a loved one can, for many reasons be a difficult thing to do. There are a number of things you can do to assist in making your decision. You could look at our Care Quality Commission (CQC) report. CQC are the regulators of Health and Social Care in the UK, you can see our full report on their website or by clicking on the CQC link provided on our home page.

If your loved one has a social worker or case manager you could ask them about homes that would be able to meet your loved one’s needs.

The thing that is most likely to assist you is coming to meet with us, having a look around and telling us about your loved one. Tell us what would be important for both them and you and talk through the services that we provide. We will never offer a placement unless we have assessed and are clinically and socially able to meet your loved one’s needs long term.

We do not have visiting hours at our nursing homes. Both Kitnocks House and South Africa Lodge are our residents’ home and we encourage and support maintaining relationships with family and friends.

This would very much depend on the resident’s individual preferences and needs. While some routine in all of our lives is important, being treated as an individual is as well. Our skilled staff will work with your loved one to get the balance of this right. We will always focus on your loved one feeling safe, happy and well cared for whilst still maintaining their independence.

Yes, absolutely. It is really important for people to enjoy life. In addition to being able to access a great range of activity within our homes we have dedicated activity and engagement staff who can plan and support access to the local community and out on day trips. We love to hear what different people’s hobbies and interests are and plan how we can support keeping these in their lives.

There are a range of options offered throughout the weekly seasonal menus. In addition to this our chef can provide alternatives on request. Bedrooms are set to be well maintained for all new residents so you don’t need to worry about furniture, unless of course your loved one wants to bring their own items, which we are happy to assist with moving into the home.

We only offer a placement if we feel we can meet someone’s presenting needs and if it is likely we can meet their future needs. In almost all cases we are able to meet individuals’ evolving needs.

If you have Power of Attorney it is likely that your involvement will be different to those who don’t. For everyone, we hold regular relatives, carer and friends meetings where the contribution made is invaluable. We have a team who would be available to you as and when you have any matters you wish to discuss or experiences to share.