Coronavirus update from our CEO Putting our residents first

These are worrying times for all of us, at Cornerstone we are concerned for our residents, staff and our own families and friends but I must highlight to you what a wonderful job our front-line staff are doing in these unprecedented times.

We continue to have low levels of absence in comparison to the national averages – except those who have to isolate due to family being at high risk – and there has been a marked increase in overtime and covering shifts to help each other out.

In the last two months we have onboarded an incredible 53 new members of staff across both our services in all different roles throughout the homes, from frontline care staff to administration and office staff and we are continuing with our training and support programmes. Whilst we can never love for your relative like you do, we are all doing our very best to ensure their continued safety and wellbeing and caring for them as we always do. On a practical level all other staff are working on protocols, guidance, ordering and changes to practice freeing frontline staff to achieve the best outcomes.

There has been a lot in the news about a variety of issues and please be aware that we are closely following the Government guidelines on testing, personal protective equipment, admissions etc. but we would like to assure you of the following:

We have enough masks, gloves, aprons and other equipment as recommended for our service. We are recognised as a key service and we are getting regular deliveries which will increase if the need changes.

The hospitals are still required to free up beds and the Government has asked us to continue to admit suitable people to our service to help them achieve this aim. We have put in place lots of measures to check residents before being admitted and to monitor once in our services.

I know you are all worried – everyone is at the moment – and all we can do is remind you we have the health and safety of our residents’ front and centre of everything we do.

I hope you will take some comfort from the fact we have been praised by the Care Quality Commission, Health Protection Agency, Public Health England and the WHCCG on the way we are managing in this crisis and how we are dealing with it in our services. We will continue to stay one step ahead in order to ensure residents and staff wellbeing.

Johann van Zyl
Group CEO

Contact details

South Africa Lodge

02392 255 556

Acting Regional Manager: Janice West

General Manager: Michelle Murchan

Clinical Managers: Colette Knight, Amanda Bulley

Kitnocks House

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Acting General Manager: Jane Shaw

Clinical Manager: Clare Relf