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Cornerstone Healthcare Group Achieves Affiliate Organisation Status with NAPPI UK Recognised by BILD

Cornerstone Healthcare Group is proud to announce its new status as an Affiliate Organisation of NAPPI UK, recognized by the British Institute of Learning Disabilities (BILD).

This prestigious recognition comes after Cornerstone Healthcare’s strategic decision to internalise NAPPI training in April 2023, led by their dedicated in-house NAPPI trainer, Jonathan Spencer.

In August 2020, Cornerstone Healthcare initiated its collaboration with NAPPI UK to implement comprehensive training solutions for their staff. This partnership aimed to ensure the safe and effective support of residents who present with behaviours that challenge. To maintain consistency and offer a tailored approach to training programs, they developed the role of In-House NAPPI Trainer.

Jonathan Spencer underwent an extensive training program with NAPPI UK in early 2023, successfully completing the course and earning the qualification to train both new and existing staff members. Furthermore, Jonathan received individualised training and support from the NAPPI team, enhancing his ability to meet the evolving needs of Cornerstone’s residents.

Since the inception of the in-house NAPPI training, Cornerstone Healthcare has delivered over 20 courses to more than 130 new staff members and over 25 courses to 170 existing staff members. Staff have reported increased confidence in identifying early signs of stress and implementing strategies to alleviate distress, thanks to the tailored approach of the in-house training.

Paul Hayes, CEO of Cornerstone Healthcare Group, expressed his pride in the team’s achievements: “I am incredibly proud of our training team for their exemplary management of this transition. Jonathan’s dedication and diligence in his new role have been instrumental in ensuring our staff are well-equipped to support our residents. The NAPPI team’s understanding and support have been invaluable, and this recognition by BILD is a testament to our ongoing commitment to excellence in care.”

Laura Newton, Cornerstone Healthcare’s Head of Learning and Recruitment, added “With our commitment to RRN (Restraint Reduction Network) standards, our staff are trained to use the least restrictive methods to support residents in their daily activities, ensuring their care needs are met with dignity and respect. The in-house NAPPI training has proven to be a valuable asset, allowing us to provide a more personalised training experience that aligns with the unique needs of our residents.”