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Cornerstone Healthcare recognised by Real Living Wage Foundation

‘Complex Care Provider of the Year’ Cornerstone Healthcare has become one of a selected number of employers in the UK being accredited by the Living Wage Foundation after committing to the Real Living Wage.

Cornerstone’s commitment means every staff member, no matter their age or whether they work full or part-time, will receive a minimum of £9.50 per hour, a figure, higher than the National Minimum Wage, and one that meets the everyday living needs of an individual.

The company, which cares for people with challenging behaviours associated with complex neurological and mental health needs, employs over 350 people across its three services – South Africa Lodge and Kitnocks House in Hampshire and Marula Lodge in Surrey.

“Care staff have long deserved recognition in pay and we’re delighted that the rate that we already implemented in December 2020 has been accredited by the Living Wage Foundation” said Cornerstone CEO, Johann van Zyl.

“The company is grateful that we have been able to grant pay rises for all members of staff, with our nurses and carers receiving a 15.1% pay rise over the last two years!”

Introducing the Real Living Wage helps to give greater security to care staff and enhances the appeal of jobs in the care sector, according to The Centre for Progressive Policy which aims to tackle the root causes of economic inequality.  It also supports the ‘levelling up’ of wages across the country.

The Real Living Wage is based on the cost of living and unlike the National Minimum Wage is voluntary and something that only 1% of UK employers are accredited with by the Living Wage Foundation. It is for employers who believe a hard day’s work deserves a fair day’s pay. This will mean an annual wage increase of up to £1300 for most of Cornerstone’s full-time staff.

“This pay increase is recognition for their dedication and hard work and will show others outside the sector that healthcare is a respected career path” added Johann.