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Young Carer Celebrated for Inspirational Leadership

Cornerstone carer Chris Mills holding leader without a title certificate next to Johann van Zyl

Chris Mill isn’t your average 21-year-old. Whilst many of his peers were enjoying Christmas day with their families, Chris gave up his day off to entertain and make this a special time for the residents at the nursing home where he works.

Recognising his special commitment and genuine dedication to his job, Cornerstone Healthcare Group CEO, Johann van Zyl has awarded Chris with the company’s “Leader without a Title” award.

Johann said “This award is for staff who inspire others to be the best that they can be and lead by example without any fancy title. They are truly inspiring leaders but their position in the company is not an official leadership role. Chris won this award for his selflessness and his passion for improving our residents’ quality of life and teaching us all that special leadership abilities does not require one to be called a manager or a director.”

Cornerstone Healthcare Group Ltd operates two specialist nursing homes; South Africa Lodge in Waterlooville and Kitnocks House in Curdridge. The homes care for people with complex neurological, physical and mental health needs associated with challenging behaviours.

Naomi Edge, General Manager at Cornerstone’s South Africa Lodge added “Chris is a very special person, everything he does comes from a genuinely good place. He wasn’t supposed to be in on Christmas day, but he came in anyway, dressed as an elf and brought lots of Christmas spirit and cheer with him. We are very lucky to have him”

Chris also had a surprise for all his work colleagues and residents, he had bought them all hand-picked individual gifts, saying that “everyone deserves to open a present on Christmas day”

Chris has also recently launched “Movie Night” at South Africa Lodge, which he runs and organises on his night off.