Referrals Taking the risk out of the referrals process

We help professionals and commissioners by managing their risk. Placing a resident with Cornerstone Healthcare means you can be sure that our mutual residents are cared for and treated to the highest standards. We understand you are busy so make the referral procedure as easy as possible whilst maintaining a thorough and robust process.

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Admission criteria

Because of our specialism, we are able to consider and usually admit those who are challenging to place. Many of our residents were previously rejected by other services or have experienced placement breakdown.

  • Male or female

  • Over 18 years

  • Not detained under the Mental Health Act (s.17 leave, s.117 and Guardianship Orders accommodated) nor those requiring physical restraint, rapid tranquillisation or seclusion

  • Residents presenting conditions will include complex neurological conditions requiring support, intervention and treatment of behavioural, physical and cognitive problems including:

    • Frontal temporal dementia (PICKs)
    • Alzheimer’s Disease – moderate to severe stage
    • Parkinson’s Disease with dementia
    • Vascular and mixed dementia
    • Lewy Bodies Dementia
    • Korsakoff’s Syndrome
    • Progressive Supranuclear Palsy
    • Personality disorder
    • Complex healthcare needs e.g. dementia with some complex physical health needs and/or challenging behaviours
  • Challenging presentations including aggression, self-harm, destructiveness, disruptiveness and sexually disinhibited behaviours (we do not use full restraint)

  • The vast majority of people we support have underlying mental health issues with dementias and neurodegenerative diseases (e.g. noncompliance with medication, not eating/drinking, high risk of falls)

  • Long term placements (we do not provide respite)

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The referrals process

  • Desktop assessment
    Following initial enquiry, we will discuss the resident’s background and needs to ensure Cornerstone Healthcare is the right place for them based on the clinical data provided.

  • Pre-admission assessment
    All residents will be assessed by the general manager or a senior nurse prior to admission to determine the level of service required and enable us to produce an initial care plan.

  • Admission
    Once the placement has been agreed, we will work together with the resident’s current care provider to ensure a smooth and efficient admission.

  • Post-admission assessment
    In the early weeks after admission, we will review the care plan and make any necessary adjustments to ensure the best possible care is in place.

  • Reviews
    All residents’ care is reviewed on a monthly basis through our internal multidisciplinary team and we also conduct six-monthly reviews to which families and case managers are invited.

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