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Section 117 Aftercare

A factsheet for relatives

If your family member has spent time in hospital under the Mental Health Act they are likely to be entitled to free care in the community when they leave. This is known as Section 117 aftercare.

Many people in this situation demonstrate behaviour which is challenging for their carers and often they are placed in an unsuitable care home. This factsheet helps family members understand Section 117 aftercare and provides tips on how to ensure your loved one get the most appropriate care.

Who is entitled to Section 117 aftercare?

People who have spent time in hospital under the following sections of the Mental Health Act are entitled to section 117 aftercare:

  • Section 3
  • Section 37
  • Section 45A
  • Section 48

Section 117 aftercare starts when a person leaves hospital but planning for the care they need begins before they leave.

Who provides funding for section 117 aftercare?

The NHS Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) in the area your family member lived in prior to going into hospital (or the Local Health Board in Wales) is responsible for funding their aftercare, together with the local social services authority (LSSA).

How is care arranged?

The Clinical Commissioning Group and Local Social Services Authority will arrange for a suitable aftercare placement and your relative will be assigned a care coordinator. The aftercare selected by the care coordinator will be based on your relative’s needs with the overall goal of reducing the chances of then having to go back to hospital.

So, if your relative needs specialist care it will be detailed in their care plan. For more information, read our article about choosing a specialist care home:

How to choose the right home for your relative

How long will funding last?

The aftercare will be funded for as long as it is needed. Depending on the progression of their condition, it is important that the right home is chosen because if your relative has to move homes in the future, this can be distressing and disruptive for all involved.

Cornerstone Healthcare

We care for people with challenging behaviours associated with complex neurological, physical and mental health needs. We are one of the few specialist providers of this type of service and we are the only company in the South of England with this as our sole focus.

We accept referrals from all over the UK. Speak to the professional who is helping to find a nursing home for your loved one about your options.