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South Africa Lodge Care Services

South Africa Lodge cares for older people with complex needs. Conditions include functional and organic psychological disorders, neurological conditions and dementia. Some of our residents also have mild learning disabilities.

South Africa Lodge is not a one-size-fits-all service. The needs of every resident are carefully assessed before admission. Care plans are regularly reviewed and reflect the changes in each resident’s condition.

The flexibility of the home allows us to cater for the needs of residents in small groups where we can ensure that the individual is never lost in the crowd.

We consider that the physical health needs of our residents are as important as the psychological so we always have general nurses on duty to attend to residents’ needs. A local GP also visits the home on a regular basis and is the link with other NHS services including – where necessary – general hospitals.

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The care we provide has input from a GP, occupational therapist and physiotherapist. And all residents at the home have access to a specialist chiropodist and optician.

Kitnocks House is regulated by the Care Quality Commission who visit the home on a regular basis to ensure that the care we offer is meeting the needs of our residents.


Our Care Team

South Africa Lodge is a nursing home registered with the Care Quality Commission. Our core-staffing group consists of general and psychiatric nurses supported by health care workers. Our nursing and care staff are carefully chosen for their fundamental skills, understanding and compassion.

We believe that we can only maintain quality in our whole staff team when they are directly employed by us. All support staff, including housekeeping and catering, are directly employed by the home.

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